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Maternity leggings

The subject of maternity leggings is one of those that divides mothers to be. For some women they have to be over the bump, for others only under the bump will do. We have put together a selection of maternity leggings from leading manufacturers, all designed with your comfort so no matter what style of maternity leggings you prefer we are sure to have what you are looking for. 

Size chart

Womens Hosiery and Leggings

S 8
M 10
L 12
XL 14


Womens socks

36-39 5-8


Maternity Leggings 

Pre-pregnancy size  Hips (under the bum), inches Hips (under the bum), cm
M 39-42 100-108
L 42-46 108-117
XL 46-50 117-127
XXL 50-54 127-137


Girls leggings and tights

Height Age
62-74cm 6-12 months
80-86cm 12-18 months
92-98cm 2-3 years
104-110cm 4-5 years
116-122cm 6-7 years
128-134cm 8-9 years
140-146cm 10-11 years
150-152cm 12-13 years


Girls Socks

EU Age
15-18 0-12 months
21-23 12-24 months
24-26 2-3 years
27-29 4-5 years
30-32 6-7 years
33-35 8-9 years